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Audit Support

Unfamiliar with the audit process? We can act as a liaison for any federal/state/contract review. Let an experienced auditor guide you through the process. 


We'll put your mind at ease as we walk you through the audit process from entrance conference to completion. With past federal audit experience, we use our unique perspective to interact with the auditors on your behalf. We sit as guidance and your representation at any and all meetings with the auditors.  

Contract Advisory

Contracting with federal/state/transportation organizations is complicated. We provide strategic advisory support to ensure that all applicable payment clauses, flow down requirements, and any special terms and conditions are considered when signing new contracts. Minimizing liability isn't just about the insurance you carry, it can include a full understanding of all terms and conditions of the contract you are signing. Let us help you negotiate the most advantageous contract terms. 

Indirect Cost Rate

Ready to delve into the government contract world? We provide assistance with the creation of your Indirect Cost Rate submission to have your rates certified with the applicable organization.

The certification process typically includes more than an audited overhead rate. We guide you through the process to ensure that all applicable schedules and forms have been completed and that a full Indirect Rate package is submitted.

Internal Controls

Need help setting up your accounting, billing and timekeeping systems to ensure compliance with Federal/State/Transportation guidelines? We'll review and provide guidance, training and support.

We start with a gap analysis of your current system. This will highlight where your policies and procedures need to be more robust and where the areas of opportunity for training are. We can build a plan customized to your needs.


Training ensures compliance from the ground up. When your employees understand the rules and regulations, they are more likely to follow them. Let's set up an annual refresher course that touches on the most important topics: Timekeeping and Unallowable Costs. Package deals include training material customized to your accounting system and policies and procedures. All training sessions can be recorded and  include a  Q&A at the end. Bring your questions so you can have a lively discussion recorded.

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